Medical Records Scanning System

Friday, June 27, 2014 posted by keith 12:14 am

Medical records scanning require a computer, document scanner, and a storage device. This is not a complete system as the important parts are missing which are the document scanning software and a document management system. The medical record scanning software does more than run the scanner. High volume scanning software speeds the scanning process as it is designed for production level scanning. The key elements of this software package allow the operator to quickly delete and replace low quality scans More importantly, production level software allows you to automate the process through the use of barcodes or patch codes. Barcodes are read by the application and an electronic file is automatically created when the barcode is read. The file is also renamed to the barcode name. So, there is no need to manually type into the computer each folder, one by one. Rather, the operator can feed a whole stack of charts and each time a new barcode is read a new files is created. The storage device completes the system. The best devices have built in encryption. This makes the storage compliant with the HIPAA laws, should something happen to the device. One way to save money is to do the document preparation in house. Another way to save money is to purge the documents. You can have your staff remove pages that are not needed in the records. Also, check the retention requirements to purge any charts that are past the retention schedule. This will reduce the number of pages and files as well as reduce the cost.

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